24.08.17: In early 2016, Magda Community Artz had the opportunity of inviting Adriano del Sal to perform in October that year. Adriano was to be in Australia as headline performer and adjudicator for the Melbourne Guitar Foundation Melbourne International Guitar Competition. The Magda concert would be one of 3 he would give while in Australia. An opportunity too wonderful to miss!

Within a couple of weeks, GianMarco Ciampa, asked if he could play Magda’s as well.
He was coming to Australia as a participant in the Melbourne Competition. So the idea of the Brisbane International Guitar Festival (BIGFest) was born.

Johannes Moller and Laura Fraticelli came in March 2017, Richard Gilewitz, Michael Fix and Tony McManus (in June) …. and the genie was out of the bottle!

With guitarists from around the world and across Australia lining up, it became apparent that BIGFest wouldn’t be sufficient to handle the possibilities. With a couple of dedicated classical guitarists, Guitar Brisbane was born.

In keeping with the Magda dedication to fine music, Guitar Brisbane and BIGFest are pleased to welcome Lorenzo Micheli to our stage on Friday 29th September. This will be followed by a Master Class on Saturday 30th, 10am, with selected students from The Con and UQ Music Departments.

Also not to be missed will be Thibaut Garcia on Friday 24th November.

If you enjoy fine music, diarise these concerts now.

Please refer to both Guitar Brisbane and Magda Community Artz for further details and booking information.